A Place For Those Who Feel More-The Weird And The Wonderful

Go Om Yourself is for seekers.

As seekers, we have zero answers.

We cannot solicit how to find your Zen, or what to do with it. Because have no idea. However, we do know that the electrical charge that powers our cells, is where magic resides. With this knowledge we are able to reap our spiritual dividends by feeding the magic with magic.

As a humble tribe who considers our ride on this rock a learning experience, we feel and see all for the first time. Seeing from new and different perspectives keeps us in a perpetual state of wonder. For seekers, this is a gift. It keeps us receptive.

Things like a shade of blue in the sky, the perceived movement of a  paint stroke or the notes in a song strike us HARD. These types of things smack us in the back of the neck, in the center of our heart, right into the nucleus of our cells that activates our hair-on-end reflexes.

Simply stated, we feel more.

Yoga, art, meditation, music, fragrance, humans, animals…all of it, have a heightened affect on us. As a result, our cell structure morphs; our hearts race. Other times, these things cradle us and dandle our hearts into a sleepy rhythmic drum beat. Outside stimuli courts our our insides, and brings us color, warmth, excitement and tears. As seekers of this tribe, we are synergistic to the planet…bound to a human environmental connection that is absolutely greater than the sum of its parts.

Sometimes this psychic/physiological connection with all that is, is a lot to process. But we welcome it as an antiseptic to keep each breath “new” …fresh.

Shoot, who knows,  maybe, a clean canvas with every breath enables us to better receive our lessons, as we continue our job as hungry seekers of wonder…

We are just a sensitive bunch…with zero answers. As although the lessons are infinite, and we seek daily. We find that the more we learn, the less we know.

Are you one of us?

Xs and OMs,

Stay super fine and always dance in the silvery light.

Sense of Self A Healthy How To

sense of self

A Loss of Sense of Self

I am suddenly nostalgic for the days of the Champagne-Supernova, when the Gallagher brothers were still brothers, and when the lyrics of “Black Hole Sun” didn’t take on such a literal meaning.  Before social media and texting. When we had real phone conversations and real-life snapshots. Before the hipster, the whole foodie and the highly intellectualized Zen culture. Back when we were baby adults listening to Nirvana, Oasis and Soundgarden just testing the waters, trying to figure out what was bullshit, and what to do with it. It seems simple to say, but maintaining a solid sense of self back then was so much easier.

Sense of Self” In The Spray-Tanned Age of The Selfie

Years later I find myself in a different culture altogether. Through social media, our society has evolved (or devolved) into a civilization of obsessively groomed Facebook profiles (Facade Book?) and snarky Twitter feeds that exhibit (perfect) lifestyles. This is all served up by a generation that concedes such sophistication and intellect that “Snark” is their first language. It’s easy to feel a little “less than” in such a tough crowd, as it’s only natural to devalue our overall sense of self in comparison to these super smart, gorgeous souls living the ever-exclusive culture of cool.  In this climate how is it possible to maintain grace and an honest “sense of self” in the spray-tanned age of the selfie?

Start with Surrendering. 

Just throw your hands in the air, wave a white flag, or crank up some Nirvana and roll down your windows as you drive through your nearest hipster haven shooting the bird. Recognize that it is okay not be like the rest of the herd. It’s okay to not be that polished evolved person who knows more than the Food and Drug Administration or the American Medical Association and the Center for Disease Control. Shit, it’s even okay to be a Republican. Do what you feel…not what you’re bullied into feeling. It’s okay to take a reprieve and separate. Be imperfect, embrace your insecurities and wear them well.

Here’s the thing…

As modern women we rush to yoga and Pilates. We drink green drinks and lovingly massage our kale before feeding it to our macrobiotic bodies. This is good! Yes, be healthy. Make kale the new spinach in your life, just like everyone else. But don’t be afraid to color outside the lines of today’s idealistic boundaries.

Seriously you don’t want to miss the whole point of your yoga practice by wondering how many chaturangas and camel poses you have to do to be absolved for immunizing your kids…and feeding them McDonalds.

It’s all okay because what’s going to shine through is your courage and grace to be no one else but you…nothing else really matters.

Find Some Peace 

Get rid of extraneous noise that comes from toxic chatter. Then dump people that plant bad seeds in your psyche. It’s up to you cultivate healthy mind crops for yourself, and those lucky enough to harvest those crops with you. Listen more. Speak less, or just be silent. Perhaps experiment with a separation from the constant hum and pull of social media for a few days. Read a book, write something, call someone or cook for yourself. Consider this short separation a chance to enchant your “self.” Who knows, sparks could fly, and you may really like (love) the person you find there. Just think…if you can be content in your own head, what an attractive place that would seem for others.

Look at it like this…

The selfie generation is out there pathologically snapping pictures in their bathroom mirror, because they NEED YOU TO SEE how _____ (thin, pretty, happy, rich…) they are. Meanwhile you’re romancing your sense of self by listening and learning. You are feeding your psyche and building energy that generates its fuel from within…no “likes” or outside validation needed. This “self-generated-light approach” kind of puts a whole new twist on the concept of “taking a selfie,” huh? Go with it…and maybe get some shades.

Be Humble, Kind and Cordial

Twerking, texting, selfies and sexting are the norm, leaving conversation and real connection hanging somewhere between the cliz-ub, cyberspace and the nearest 4G tower. Don’t misunderstand, it’s fun and OMG who doesn’t love a good bootie-shaking session? Shit, I’m twerking right now! It’s all good, sexting, texting, all of it, just don’t forget to genuinely connect with people. Give the term “I feel ya Bro…” some real fucking depth, by making eye contact when speaking to someone. Reach out and call someone for a change, and let him or her know you wanted to hear their voice.

Make Someone’s Day

You’ll find its feels good to make others feel good and it’s really simple to do too. Just try to add to the light that already surrounds you. Make a daily decision to double the amount of good energy around you by slowing down, smiling and noticing people. Ask the barista how she’s doing. Pay someone a compliment, or make a person’s day by leaving an anonymous note on a random parked car (careful, no creepy messages). Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” He’s right. Try it and see.

Be Real Know Who You Are

Possibly the most important thing in cultivating a healthy sense of self is being real. Dump the ultra-posed selfie for the imperfect snapshot. Don’t be a freak show and walk around in full makeup ALL the time. That’s exhausting for everyone. Show your skin, and be kind to it. Speak the truth, and if that truth is not kind or necessary then…be silent. Find your passion and be true to it. Find your dream and make it real. Start a romance with your imagination. Take it out for date night often. Feed it good food (art, books, fear, love) to keep it nourished and hungry at the same time. Acknowledge your insecurities and let them go, by proving them false, as from now on, you only carry truth.

So now that you sparkle, and your solid “sense of self” is bumping and grinding with the universe, get out there and share what you got. Make the world a better place, shine on and go forth as you transmit the real meaning of “taking a selfie”


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Find yoga Playlists For Your Rock and Roll Yogi Soul

Ohm Emmm Geee….

This rock and roll yoga playlist is perfect for the rock and roll yogi soul. It will lull you into your integration, cradle you through Sun A and B and wrench your heart as you go deeper into your practice…


You can chill and enjoy your favorite beverage and just take in the music…let it seep into your pores, through your cells and right into the core of your rock and roll heart…

PLAYLIST “Isvara Pranidhana – Surrender”

Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

Stay super fine, and always dance in the silvery light.

Thugs and Blisses…xoxo

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The Rock and Roll Yogi Soul Needs To Explore The Space…

“Can we get more cow bell?” Sometimes pan flutes and waterfalls are just not enough for the rock and roll yogi. Go Om Yourself understands that need to “explore the space.” The need for MORE. The ability to let our soul ride the flow along with our bodies during our vinyasa. That feeling you get, when you are taken away by a piece of music that “carries you” and raises the hairs on the back of your neck. Something that takes you to that place where there is nothing but, you, your breath and your mat.  Everything goes aways and the magic of the music and the universe carries you. These  rock and roll yoga playlists are sure do just that for your rock and roll yogi souls that need more…

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Where to find Cool yoga t-shirts

The Yoga T-Shirt Market vs My True-Self Style

Graphic T-shirts are personal and should be truthful to who you are. When I created Go OM Yourself High Vibe Yoga T-shirts, the goal was to bring some edge to the yoga t-shirt market that matched my true-self style. At the time, finding cool yoga tanks that were honest and in-line with who I am, was impossible. Because, I am a seeker, a rock and roll yogi. Therefore, nothing less than edgy and unapologetically bold will do. But finding an edgy yogi style graphic t-shirt was not happening. There really was no such thing. So my mission became creating shirts that not only promote a lifestyle that overflows with the spiritual essentials of wellness, strength, and serenity, but the concepts of joy, individuality and style, color that life with such a vengeance, that it takes your breath away on a daily basis.

How It All Went Down…A Rock and Roll Yogi Teacher is Born

After nine years of practicing yoga, I decided to go Thug. I would study and get my 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification. It continues to be and awesome journey, as in yoga the discoveries are daily.

Through my training, I studied the Eight Limbs of Yoga and the Chakras. I learned how to structure a class. How to apply themes to a series of asanas. As well as to construct a fluid, meaningful vinyasa. I got my certificate, and immediately wanted to identify as a practitioner and teacher of yoga…a real warrior of wellness. But the market was not in favor of my particular rock-and-roll-yogi style.

The Wonderful Mystical World Of Mudras

One day, after my training, I was putting together a sequence that focused around the throat chakra (Vishuddha). On a whim, I decided to seek out different mudras that would stimulate the Vishuddha chakra center and give the flow a little flavor and intention. At the time, I had no idea that the Mudras themselves are a vast and powerful discipline under the yogic umbrella of philosophies.

Instantly FASCINATED by their beauty and mystical capabilities, I began playing around with my favorites and decided I was a total Mudra gangster. Flying my mudra affiliation signs in my yoga practice, around the house, and sometimes behind the wheel (sending out the love OG style) became an everyday practice. Before long I was inspired by the medicinal uses of the Mudras by the Hindus, and the meditative approaches of the Buddhists.

I knew I needed to share my new-found mudra practice in a bigger way…but wasn’t sure how.

The Dilema – Where to Find Cool Yoga T-shirts…To Identify My “Yogi Style” While Remaining True To Self

Aside from yoga (and now mudras), I like fashion and shopping. A casual yet edgy look is what speaks to me. My look is anything rock and roll, or against the grain. So remaining honest, to my true self and my thug-like style parameters became impossible, if I was to identify as a part of of, with a yoga t-shirt. But I was determined to identify myself as part of the yoga culture and cultivate my own yogi style.

The yoga t-shirt market had failed me. Silk-screened Om symbols with “Namaste” centered over an asian inspired font, dream catchers and sappy inspirations are great. But in such a saturated market, breezy phrases such as “Shine Your Heart” and “Breathe”  had become cliche and diluted to me. Not to mention that, none of the above are phrases would ever be found in my closet. Not, unless, my vintage Pink Floyd “Dark Side of The Moon” concert tee counts…as “Breathe” is a song on the album. Yeah…I didn’t think so either.

So, I continued to search for the right t-shirt that would brand ME TOO a yogi. As I wanted to identify, but my efforts came with no avail. Until…one night, after yet another unsuccesful Google search yeilding only OM symbols, I slammed my laptop shut and muttered, “Go Om Yourself!”

….the rest is history.

Go OM Yourself High Vibe Yoga T-Shirts Bumping and Grinding With The Universe

Today my brand continues to grow. As a result, Go OM Yourself has found its tribe, and what a blast it is to meet them on our social media or when we actually take the store out and about. You can find us at Los Angeles area markets, like the world renown Rose Bowl Market and Venice’s Artists and Fleas Market. The Go OM Yourself pop up is the perfect rock and roll yogi dojo. Come visit if you are in the area…check out the shirts, and see how dreamy the fabric really is…it’s just impossible to completely give the “feel” with our online descriptions.

Unisex is a Thing For Us…We Loves Our Yoga Dudes

Street style is a huge part of our vibe. So, after sourcing the country for the perfect fabric, we added unisex hoodies to the line. And dang…they are dreamy. You can totally keep the OM fires burning in these babies. Watch for a new women’s sweatshirt coming soon.

After putting the unisex hoodies out we got requests for yoga t-shirts for men. So it was an obvious addition when we added the World Tour Crew T-Shirts this summer. Accordingly, the two designs we put out, Yogi Stardust and OM Grown seemed to be the best options (based on sales) so we went with it. As an added bonus, the World Tour Crew T-Shirts are also unisex. They boast a modern slim-ish cut, just relaxed enough to not be boxy.

We just have to get our inventory numbers right for sizing on this front. Because, we can’t seem to keep the right sizes in stock! Currently we are selling more smalls and mediums. If any other “makers” have a tried and true method for ordering the perfect ratio of sizes.  PLEASE SHARE. It would be greatly appreciated.

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