Yoga Tank Top Store Launches! Time For a Holistic Closet Cleanse

New Intentions, New Yoga Tanks On A Mission

Go OM Yourself Yoga Tank Top Store is live! And you are going to love the snappy rock-and-roll yogi vibe of these ultra- soft quality tank tops. An entire online store of soothing zen intentions for your rock-and-roll yogi soul. I bring an open heart and new intentions to this yoga tank top venture. To commemorate I offer the idea of a holistic closet cleanse. As I truly love the new line, and know you will too. It’s time to clear out the old to make space for your new yoga tanks.

Gyan Mudra Yoga Tank Top-calming
Our Gyan Mudra Festival Flow Yoga Tank…for rock-and-roll yoga thugs.

The mission behind the line is to promote joy, bold individuality and a spiritual lifestyle to color your human experience with such a vengeance, that it takes your breath away on a daily basis.

Holistic Closet Cleanse – What You Need To Do

As a yogi thug, it is imperative that you refer to the most holistic method to clear space and let go. First inspect your closet, drawers, gym bag and yoga sacks for items that no longer bring you joy. Dump the old yoga tanks and tees that have sweat stains as well as those that may reek a bit. You know…the ones that “sound off” the second your body temp goes up? Yes.  Gather those items and dispose of them, in one quick swoop. Just do it! Next, move on to shoes, pants and denim and ask yourself. “Does this item bring me joy?”

Be Honest With Yourself

Be one hundred percent honest with yourself. Letting go is hard, and honesty is key. When you wear the tank, jeans, or sweats in question, do you feel joy? If the answer is no, put them in a bag and transport to the nearest donation site. Watch as your space lightens and your psyche clears. It works…I promise.

Cleanse Energy and Calm With Essential Oils

Next sweep or vacuum the closet, wipe down the inside of your drawers. Don’t forget to throw your gym bag and yoga sack into the washing machine. If you have a Jade Yoga mat (my fave) you can just throw it in the washer as well.  It’s always good measure give your yoga mat love. So whichever mat you own, give it a good cleaning, then wipe down with some some Malibu OM Grown’s Tramps & Thieves Antimicrobial Spray or diluted tea tree oil. Your next practice will be an oh-so-fresh start, so set some new intentions.

Malibu OM Grown Antimicrobial Holistic Cleanse
Malibu OM Grown Antimicrobial Spray – 100% All-Natural – Use to freshen face masks, as a counter spray, to cleanse minor cuts and abrasions, or even to freshen throws and bedding.

Release, Research and Replace

PS…every now and then, it’s a must to completely surrender your old yoga mat and replace it. Treat yourself to an eco-conscious mat, that speaks to your personal practice and specific needs. A comprehensive guide to the best performance yoga mats will help you make the perfect choice.

OMG Relax

Now if you’re slightly freaked out, don’t be. Do not think twice about the items you have “let go,” Rather, use essential oils to calm yourself, and clear the energy. Make some quick sachets for your closet and drawers. Repurpose socks from “the lonely socks club band” that would have otherwise been thrown away. Fill with a quarter cup of dry uncooked white rice that is doused with your favorite scent (four or five drops, and let oil dry). Cut away the majority of the length of the sock. Then use a rubber band to seal your sachet. Finally, finish with some twine or ribbon to add some charm. Or just use a few drops of oil on some card stock and stash accordingly. Congratulations your holistic closet cleanse is complete. How do you feel?

Check Out The Store Site

Now that your space is clear, and the musty energy is cleared from your closet/drawer space, you are ready to kick back and check out the Go OM Yourself Store Site. Take in the vibe see what the line is all about for yourself.


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Be Kind To Yourself…Treat Yourself

Pick your favorite yoga tank or tanks, and be sure to check out our hoodie collection too. Winter is coming! Also browse our Aromatherapy Candle Collection. They are so delicious.

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