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Find yoga Playlists For Your Rock and Roll Yogi Soul

Ohm Emmm Geee….

This rock and roll yoga playlist is perfect for the rock and roll yogi soul. It will lull you into your integration, cradle you through Sun A and B and wrench your heart as you go deeper into your practice…


You can chill and enjoy your favorite beverage and just take in the music…let it seep into your pores, through your cells and right into the core of your rock and roll heart…

PLAYLIST “Isvara Pranidhana – Surrender”

Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

Stay super fine, and always dance in the silvery light.

Thugs and Blisses…xoxo

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The Rock and Roll Yogi Soul Needs To Explore The Space…

“Can we get more cow bell?” Sometimes pan flutes and waterfalls are just not enough for the rock and roll yogi. Go Om Yourself understands that need to “explore the space.” The need for MORE. The ability to let our soul ride the flow along with our bodies during our vinyasa. That feeling you get, when you are taken away by a piece of music that “carries you” and raises the hairs on the back of your neck. Something that takes you to that place where there is nothing but, you, your breath and your mat.  Everything goes aways and the magic of the music and the universe carries you. These  rock and roll yoga playlists are sure do just that for your rock and roll yogi souls that need more…

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