The Ahimsa Experiment Yogi Challenge

Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world.

– Annie Lennox

The Ahimsa Experiment Yogi Challenge calls upon us as yogis, seekers, makers and doers to put our good intentions to work. This challenge allows us a HUGE opportunity to generate some tangible goodwill, love, and compassion. But there’s a twist, to actually make the “magic happen…”

September marks the Go OM Yourself one year anniversary! To celebrate in a way that truly corresponds with the overall intention of the Go OM Yourself brand, we’ve come up with the Ahimsa Experiment Yogi Challenge. It’s an Instagram challenge with a twist!

The challenge part of the #AhimsaExperiment is the same as any other yoga challenge…yes all the fun is still there.

Each day challenge hosts focus on a new intention and invite you to you post your representation of that intention. You connect with new like-minded instagrammers, build your following, share experiences and tell us about the gorgeous images you post. There will be giveaways for active participants, as well. The twist is “the experiment” part. This challenge has a beneficiary…a cause. For example, a women’s shelter, animals in need, clean water well for a village…we can do so much!

The Ahimsa Experiment benefits a chosen charity, with a $1-$2 entry for each challenge participant. Entry fee? Sounds weird, yes,…but, hear us out. The quick and easy-entry link funnels directly to our challenge beneficiary. So just think…if we get 500 participants at 1$ a piece, we are really generating some “goodwill and change” for souls who need it! Dang, and imagine if we have some $2 entries!

“There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

– Dalai Lama

Let’s make some measurable magic this year

Over the past twelve months we’ve been rocking and rolling to the beat of our bad-ass insta/yogi community. It’s been fun, and damn, you guys are freaking awesome. We’ve chatted and shared pics of our beloved pets and our kids. There have been yoga challenges, sound baths, mudras and meditations in tipis! A lot of you even own one or two of our tank tops/tees and hoodies. How about we commemorate the start of our second year and put our good yogi/seeker vibes to work!

Let’s take action, to create some magic. The cool part is that, we get to SEE IT ALL HAPPENING with the #AhimsaExperiment. It’s a chance to do some bona fide goodwill, and see where our work is making a difference.

When you’re in a position to have gotten so much, the gift at this point is giving back.

– Paul Stanley

I have to say, it’s been an amazing, busy inspiring year. I love you guys and the journey we’re on together. It feels right. I think we can totally kill it with the #AhimsaExperiment and really generate giving and goodwill.

So there it is…The Go OM Yourself birthday wish, the #AhimsaExperiment (giving and generating goodwill). Are you in?

“Our inherent mission as a community of seekers is to promote joy, bold individuality and a spiritual lifestyle to color the human experience with such a vengeance, that it takes your breath away on a daily basis. 

– Go OM Yourself Mission Statement

Meet our first #AhimsaExperiment Cause

Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang, Equine Rescue / WIN (Wild Horses In Need) Rescue & Rehab Project

CHILLY PEPPER – MIRACLE MUSTANG specializes in CRITICALLY ILL, NEO-NATAL, SICK AND/OR INJURED FOALS.  Especially the ones that are near death’s door, needing literally 24/7 care. The foals live with founder Palomino, aka Lauri Armstrong, and her husband in their nursery until the babies are strong enough to live outside. The babies’ rehabilitation continues on the ranch where they will learn “ranch life” and manners from the other horses on the property. In a perfect world all the rescues, grow and thrive and are adopted to good forever homes. Oh how we wish it was a perfect world.

Follow @palominoarmstrong now to see her everyday battle to save the world four hoofs at time.

“The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

Call for Sponsors for the #AhimsaExperiment

At the moment I have two sponsors in place, but would love to have at least five more. Everyone loves giveaways! More sponsors, means more giveaways, which means more incentive for like-minded folks to participate in the challenge. If you’re a maker or have a great product and are interested in giving and generating goodwill as an #AhimsaExperiment sponsor please contact me!

Contact: Instagram: @go-om_yourself


Ahimsa is one of the world’s great principles, which no power on earth can wipe out.

– Mahatma Gandhi

She loves horses, and horses too…” funny!

“She loves horrrrses…”

My new yoga brand lands an interview

I met “The Traveling Yogini” ( Stephanie Spence) at the Yoga Expo and was thrilled when she asked to interview me and feature my baby yoga brand…Go OM Yourself.

Go OM Yourself - Yoga Tanks

Chaos blankets me morning of the 2019 Yoga Expo World Los Angeles. Also, it’s the first time I set up my yoga brand outside the security of my garage. I arrive early to the venue, but a major snafu sets the tone of my morning. In brief, my entire store sits, locked in my U-HAUL at the loading dock (long story). Therefore, I lose two hours of make-ready time. So, when the convention floor opens to the public, my store sits in disarray. My daydreams of a beautiful pop-up store to meet conventioning yogis fades. Instead, the thought of giving up and going home floods every ounce of my existence.

A successful debut for my yoga brand slips away, I am understaffed and way behind…

Hundreds of yogis, from all over the world, pour through the convention doors, and my heart sinks. I want to crawl under my lump of yoga t-shirts in my 10’X10′ space and disappear. My mind flies into self-sabotage-berating mode. “…this is a bad idea, no one likes your work, take the line and go home!”

Transformation of attitude

I use my yogi tools to stay calm. “Horses breath,” and a simple silent mantra, “…this is meant to be.” help me pull it together. Then, I approach one task after another until my inventory hangs neatly on my racks. Slowly, my pop-up space turns from a disaster to freaking awesome. So now, I can breathe…inhale, exhaaaale. Soon my frantic energy no longer scares potential customers away. Suddenly, Go OM Yourself generates some traffic. Beautiful yogis saunter in and out of my post. Then, in walks Stephanie. She checks out “the stuff,” and we talk. Before she leaves, she asks if I’m interested in doing an interview!

Encouragement and mindset as fuel

All of my doubts and fears fall away. With my yogi tools and positive feedback from Stephanie, I find the courage and stand hands-on-hips behind my brand. I dedicate the rest of the day to the idea of success. This shift in intention, and encouragement from Stephanie transforms my attitude. Thanks Stephanie!


Just a bit about Stephanie Spence…

Stephanie is the former CEO of Spence Communications, and has been featured on TV and editorially in books and magazines around the world. From literary journals to online global communities, she commits to igniting others’ desire to create a life of health and joy, through a sustainable practice of yoga for a lifetime of transformation. 

Her latest book, Yoga Wisdom: Warrior Tales Inspiring You On And Off Your Mat, 2018 Nautilus Book Awards Winner, is available wherever fine books are sold. Currently Stephanie continues her travels around the world as she works on her next book.